How It Works


Step 1

Just one click to install the app from android or apple store and easy way to sign up or login with Faceboook. Or just create free account with single click.


Step 2

Once login, dial pad page appears, click on earn credit in top right to earn more free credit and talk often with friends and family for free.


Step 3

Just type the number with country code in the dial pad to see how minutes left to make the free call for that country.


Step 4

To make free call just go to dial pad in your app and dial the number and hit the call button.

Watch the Video (How it Works)!!

About Us

We have been in the business of global telecommunication with a mission to provide freedom of communication. We uses the best of VoIP technology to provide the better calling service with best voice quality to make the international calls for free. Download and sign up now to join the race to freedom of communication and help us to create the new global communication ecosystem.

Our FreeTring app lets everyone to make calls and SMS from your smartphones to your family and friend's landline or mobile without your friends having FreeTring app. Easy way to earn credit and start with our unlimited calling service using Wi-Fi or 3G!!!

Great Features


Free calling service using Wi-Fi or 3G from smart phone or PC



Designed to provide unlimited calling opportunity with best voice quality


Invite your friends & family for free chat or call and get free credits to make free calls


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